5 benefits of knowledge sharing in field service

How a field service provider shares the knowledge it accrues will ultimately decide how well it prepares its technicians and services its customers.

What is knowledge sharing?

Knowledge sharing is exactly what it sounds like: The collection and dissemination of important information among co-workers.

In field service, there's a range to what constitutes knowledge worth sharing. Small details about customer relations, technical performance issues related to an asset on a proactive maintenance plan, notes on internal processes technicians are expected to follow – all of these apply.

Ideally, these bits of knowledge and others would circulate in a centralized field service management hub where technicians and managers can access them whenever necessary. Here are a list of specific values knowledge sharing delivers to field service providers:

1. Encourages a culture of communication

Technicians are the eyes, ears and brains on every job. What they notice can lay the foundation for faster work order completions and stronger customer bonds, but only if those workers have the proper resources at their disposal to record their findings and share them with their managers.

2. Acts as a foundation for continuous improvement

Sometimes the devil isn't in the details but in the bigger picture. When companies collect information and organize it in actionable ways, they're much more likely to spot opportunities for improving how they operate in big ways.

3. Unifies customer service

Miscommunication only exacerbates the headache of a deficient or failing asset. Knowledge sharing helps field service providers utilize every piece of information a client submits and anything additional a customer service rep deems valuable.

4. Prevents knowledge loss

Let's say Bill, an electrical engineer with 35 years of experience, retires. He's built great personal relationships with his client base, but now that he's gone it's a toss up whether his employer can provide the same level of commitment without him.

"7 out of 10 service companies say that losing knowledge is a major hurdle."

Field service providers lose a lot of knowledge when long-time technicians leave the business. According to The Service Council, 7 out of 10 service companies say that losing talent and knowledge is a major hurdle that will only continue to test them as technicians age out of the industry.

How well a business perseveres through this difficult time all boils down to whether it gathered enough information from its Bills – customer likes, dislikes, pain points – or whether it let all that knowledge walk out the door.

5. Helps with training

As Bill leaves, Harry enters. Harry is a young kid, fresh from vocational school. He hopes to someday be as good an electrical engineer as Bill. However, even he knows that will take time and training, not to mention an understanding of how the greater business runs. Will his employer provide it to him?

Think of knowledge sharing as the world's best training manual. Any detail from any job is now learning material. Every work order is a template for what to do (or what not to do). And newcomers can tap into that library of information whenever they need it or have a free second.

Knowledge management is truly the management of your most important resource. But for field service providers to take advantage of the sum of their knowledge, they must place their trust in the most intuitive mobile field service management software they can. Request a free demo of Service Fusion today to stop wasting knowledge and start using it.

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