How will AI technology change service businesses?

In the coming years, enterprise technology equipped with artificial intelligence will take center stage, as businesses of all sizes look for innovative new ways to solve longstanding problems. Soon, smart software will manage transactions, monitor employees and protect company information stored in the cloud – all without human intervention, according to the technology research firm Gartner. Of course, big corporations aren't the only ones that stand to benefit from AI.

This new technology has the potential to transform service businesses, allowing them to provide more targeted, streamlined offerings and better protect the field technicians tasked with responding to calls.

Safe roads
Field technicians spend a lot of time on the road. While most drive safely and manage to avoid accidents, others aren't so fortunate. More than 1,700 American workers die in occupational vehicle accidents, the Department of Labor found. However, new automotive technology infused with AI may reduce this number, the MIT Technology Review reported. Service trucks with cameras and sensors could monitor road conditions and automatically adjust. Some experts predict that more advanced versions of such technology may one day be able to intervene as a crash happens, protecting both drivers and bystanders.

A.I. technology may make service trucks safer.AI technology may make service trucks safer.

Streamlined operations
Today, many organizations use enterprise software solutions to track trends and look for ways to improve. AI technology may soon ease this process, tapping into internal systems to review sales information and offer intelligent operational suggestions, according to the professional services firm Deloitte. This way, service businesses can spend more time engaging customers, rather than reviewing the numbers.

Equipment that talks back
In most cases, technicians speak with homeowners to understand what problems they need to address. However, in the future, they may end up speaking to actual structures instead, International Data Group reported. AI home technology has progressed substantially in recent years, as devices like Amazon Echo essentially bring houses to life. These devices will only grow smarter, meaning homes will soon be able to provide service personnel with the extra information they need to offer the best service.

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